Protection to steel

One of the most important areas of passive fire protection is adding protection to the steel structure of buildings. The steel structure of the building must maintain integrity in the event of a fire.

Intumescent paint is a fast method of providing fire protection to structural steel. This method has many safety and aesthetic advantages:

  • Acts as an insulator effectively creating a barrier between the steelwork and the heat so that the structural integrity of the steel is not compromised
  • Prolongs the structural life of steel as it is less exposed to temperature variations
  • Provides an aesthetically pleasing finish in a variety of colours. This means that intumescent paint can be used to complement the overall design of the building and allows greater creative freedom especially on larger scale projects
  • Allows for greater diversity as intumescent paint can be applied to a number of structural building materials
  • Minimises cost as the paint can be applied off-site and minimize disruptions to the overall work schedule

Our extensive expertise in this area ensure that application is of the highest health and safety standards.